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Okay, it's that time of year when people start cranking out "BEST MOVIES OF THE YEAR" lists.

I didn't see alot of the best movies -- or all the movies I wanted to -- but, hey, this is a subjective exercise. There were some movies so good, that, yes, I felt they belonged on a BEST MOVIES OF 2002 list. Even if it was mine...

Let's start with three already mentioned in this blog...

Personal Velocity
Bread and Tulips
Never Again
Full Frontal
And three more that were indisputably list-worthy...
The Kid Stays in the Picture
Ivan XTC
Y Tu Mama Tambien
That's all but one. My favorite movie for 2002 is below...


The best movie of the year was:
Chelsea Walls
According to me. I love character-study movies, and the realism was refreshing. The music blew me away -- even before I realized it was by Jeff Tweedy from Wilco. ("You were the lonely one" never sounded so heart-breaking.)

The film was obviously a labor of love. Just listen to Ethan Hawke -- who directed -- describe the events in his life that led him to want to make this movie.

Plus, I've decided, I like movies about struggling artists. I finally got around to watching The Fabulous Baker Boys...