It's..... The happiest blog on earth


Okay, now I've just written two entries commemorating noteworthy Google search results. I've been calling this process "Goog- enheiming." (Yes, I'm unduly proud of my little glossary for made-up words about web-logging.)

And I ended up using another of those words today. Everyone likes the thought of being the blog of the moment, with temporary fame propelling their URL up the rankings at as one of the day's most popular. I jokingly started calling the practice of self-promoting your URL "DayPimping."

I never dreamed that anyone would combine Goog-enheiming with DayPimping -- but I was wrong. Last week Google didn't have any matches for the phrase "Jell-o judicates." But blogger Jim Treacher decided to change all that. Today, Google is showing forty matches.

And in the process, Jim's call to insert the nonsense phrase into your web-log moved his own page high up into the coveted realms of the Daypop Top 40...

Here's my own Jello- judicates entry...