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Jim Treacher's online poll about lunch takes a surprising turn.

Even more surprising is the fact that 56 people bothered to vote.

"Results not scientific..." Heh.


Backstreet Boy "Kevin Richardson" testified before Congress. Our friends at Happy Fun Pundit humorously re-enact this historic moment in legislative history.

Regular readers of Destiny-land will remember my similar negative response to the Congressional punditry of Elmo.


Shouldn't there be a funny made-up word for blogging strange referrals you get from Google searches?

I suggest....


I also like BrushStroke's new word -- Hooha


Poor AOL.

That David Cassel guy keeps telling people about all the problems they're having! :)

And is the death of AOL being stage-managed and spun? Their subscriber-rate is growing so slowly, they've quietly decided to stop telling the press whether or not they've added another million members.


So you don't find anything if you search Yahoo for "Gitchy Gitchy Ya Ya Da Da." It wants the song's actual title -- "Lady Marmalade."

Searching Usenet, though, there's a bunch of comments.

the first time I heard it, I thought it was kind of catchy. However, after hearing it 5 times, it had worn thin.

* freaking dreadful, that I literally hold my fingers in my ears when it comes on. I'm told, "wear a walkman." You know, its like, "fuck off, YOU wear the walkman and keep that dreadful shit private or go to a freakin DANCE CLUB. This is a gym."


I have no point. I just wanted to start a thread with the title gitchy gitchy ga ga ya ya. Anyway, come to the chat room. I'm naked. And frisky.


By the way, I'm still getting Google searches for the phrase "Picture of Heather Havrilesky" -- and there's a funny reason why. The second sentence in Google's blurb was from a different part of my blog, about the model on Herb Albert's famous 1965 album cover "Whipped Cream."

With an ellipse Google conflated the two snippets into this...

Former Filler writer Heather Havrilesky -- on Spider-Man! ... When the picture was taken, she was three months pregnant....


I like how Heather Havrilesky disses blogger popularity contests in a sarcastic thank-you to her readers.

"The way you trump up tiny little things is a joy to behold. You rally around the most insignificant, the most worthless, the most absurd crap -- and that's what makes you special!"


The Adopt a Penguin site.

It prompted a very funny chat transcibed on the Sam-I-Am web-log...


Mark Fuhrman wrote a stinging editorial blaming Michael Skakels' family for his legal predicament. He argues they tried to cover it up to protect the Kennedy reputation. And it backfired.

Fuhrman told ABC News a damning anecdote about Skakel's time at the private school his family shipped him to. At one point Skakel actually "wore a sign around his neck...that said, 'I'm a rich, arrogant brat. Ask me why I killed my friend Martha'."


Fans shell out $295 for a rootin' tootin' Bonanza convention.

And here's a snarky take on the longevity of Bonanza's popularity in a 1999 Christmas edition of


An amusing photo of a British man contemplating a racy sculpture.

It's all part of the fun in the San Francisco Chronicle's daily feature "The Day in Pictures."

Which my pal Mat is always talking about...