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Of course I watched the season finale of Lost. I came up with my own set of questions....
  • Who's funeral was it where nobody came?
  • Is eyepatch Mikahil re-living multiple lives -- like Desmond?
  • Who's waiting for Kate? Is it Sawyer -- or is she conning a new husband?
  • Who are these bad people on the boat. The other others?
  • Why exactly was the Pearl Station receiving video transmissions from Penny?
I think the boat people want the power of the island. They created a fake plane crash so no one would look for the survivors. That's why Ben wanted Mikhail to nab Naomi's radio -- and maybe why Ben told everyone the Pearl station was flooded. We've got a while until we find out. There won't be a new episode until February of 2008.

Oh, and Charlie really should've put on the diving gear before messing with the button under the yellow blinking light.