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I know why Ben's afraid. The people on the boat are affiliated with the original Dharma project -- all the people that Ben helped kill. And the last thing he wants is for them to catch up to him.

Maybe the reason Ben is obsessed with pregnancy research is he wants to spawn a new generation of people to guard the island -- without leaving it.

I've been pondering this new set of bad people -- the other Others -- who apparently have the power to create a fake plane crash to stop people looking for survivors.

My first thought was Ben's group also has a lot of power -- submarines, underwater radio jamming stations, and the power to gather information about all the plane crash victims. But maybe they inherited that technology from the previous Dharma group on the Island. And all Ben's group really has going for them is being very very devious -- but in low-tech ways like sending Nathan to infiltrate the crash survivor's beach camp.

We'll see.