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One last theory on Lost.

I've heard the show's producers told the press they were going to introduce a new character at the end of the first season - and that he would be a major part of the second season.


We all know how that came out. Artz was a red herring. (Or maybe a red shirt.) Not twenty minutes into the season finale, he had an unfortunate encounter with a stick of dynamite. ("This is messed up," says Hurley.)

Here's why I think that's important. In the season finale Sun asks "Are we being punished for what we've done?" Other have already suggested that theory - that the island is some kind of after-life limbo where past sins are confronted. On a primetime special, the show's producers were specifically asked: are the castaways in Purgatory?

No, the producers answered.

And Arzt is going to be a major character....

Interestingly, in an earlier episode Boone gave a whole speech about the red shirts on Star Trek...