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I've been trying to guess the secret of Lost. Is there a pattern to why all the characters were drawn to the island?

One theory: They've all been around dead people.

  • Jack in the operating room
  • Sawyer and his father
  • Boone ("Teresa falls down the stairs")
  • Sayid in the war
  • Hurley's grandfather
  • Walt's mother
  • Kate and her lover
And the others did seriously bad things.
  • Jin and his extortion
  • Charlie betraying his lover
  • Shannon and her embezzlement
I don't have any explanation for Claire, Locke, or Boone. But maybe the island attracts, not the guilty, but the evil. Like drug-runners dressed as priests. Or the crew of that slave ship. Hence, "the dark territory."

Wherever "the others" came from, they were certainly evil enough to steal Danielle's baby and kidnap Michael's son...

Some people are floating the theory that the island is purgatory. Sun even said in tonight's episode: Do you think we are being punished. I've heard that the creators of the show denied that explanation as too simple. But maybe they were trying to throw everyone off the track...