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JenniCam. A woman web-casting her life to online strangers.

But no more. JenniCam will close on New Year's Eve - after seven years. It's been a wild ride. In 2000, as fellow web-cam operator Courtney gushed about her plans for a lavish wedding, Jenni's webcam was broadcasting her sex with Courtney's fiance.

It's probably unfair to say when a web-cam "jumped the shark," but the incident alienated many fans in Three years later, they picked over news of her site's demise.

For me, Jennicam was over the minute she moved to California. She managed to get just enough money to get started on being the happy sappy homemaker and settle down in suburbian hell....

Jennifer Ringley is now anonymous like most of us... I suspect we shall never hear of her again, which is probably all for the better for everyone.

But the most tantalizing thing about JenniCam was always the possibilities it raised. "I'd like to have maintained the surveillance for the rest of her life..." one fan mused to the Washington Post, "as a sociological experiment and a life-narrative art project."