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Here's a description of some of the old video games I played this weekend...

Use the joystick to avoid the Coyote while running over piles of bird seed. Extra points if you trick the Coyote into running into a truck.

A four-cornered version of Break-Out, with four castles trying to deflect a bouncing rock onto the other players.

Joystick through a 2-D maze (with transporting portals), using the other joystick to shoot horizontally at crows and snakes. Along the way you collect jewels and keys for doors to the next level.

A remarkably lame rocket-ship game from the early 80s. The ship travels horizontally over mountains and through a tunnel, as vertically-travelling rockets try to intercept it. The player shoots horizontally-travelling dots -- but the ship runs out of gas unless you bomb fuel pods on the ground. ("How does that result in more fuel appearing on your rocket ship?" Andy asked. Which was the first question I'd asked myself twenty years ago...)

Other random observations about the show:

  • They also had the "interactive cartoon" games Dragon's Lair and Dragon's Lair II. Today I learned those games may be made into a movie.
  • Tucked to one side of the hall was an obscure pinball machine based on the 1995 movie Johnny Mnemonic.
  • To raise money, they were selling a classic photo of Elvira at a promotional appearance where her dress slipped open, revealing -- er, that she probably isn't dying her hair black.