It's..... The happiest blog on earth


Tuesday: Saw the cockroach again today...Note to self: Find a really tiny pair of handcuffs...
It's another fun day on the Kinky Sex with Bugs blog.

Okay, wait, yeah, there's more to the story. Someone's started a web site where people talk about disturbing search requests their blog has gotten. In apparent commemoration of an unforgettable referral, they dubbed it the Kinky Sex with Bugs blog.

But what's interesting is that my own blog -- the one you're reading now -- is Google's #2 match for the phrase "Kinky Sex with Bugs + blog".

... relaxer" in Japan but then was re-purposed by kinky US sex ... Bugs Bunny cartoon, except instead of Elmer Fudd, Bugs is ... Today's sponsor for this blog is...
Conflating, of course, the blurbs about the kinky Hello Kitty vibrator, the Bugs Bunny Memorial Day cartoons, and the text of my ad for Blogsnob.

Remember, folks, I call this process "Goog-enheiming."