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When your web site disappears after a malfunction caused because your host is
I've been making up my own weblog-related words. (The inspiration came from the lingual creations in Jim Treacher's own Bloglossary.) I've also tried my hand at a few others, and Jim encouraged me to post the results. So below are my other suggestions for new words that reflect the day-to-day frustrations of the web-logging experience:
Blip service
Posting gushy write-ups for articles you haven't actually read all the way through.

Writing an entire entry based on referrals to your blog from strange Google search results.

Trying to jack your way up the URL rankings at DayPop by contacting every blog that linked to a similar earlier story.

A URL with an obvious mistake.

Being unable to correct an obvious mistake in your blog because your logins are temporarily suspended.

Trying to passing off self-indulgent journal-style entries as informational weblog entries. (See also Mat Honan's definition of "haircutty.")

Added June 23...

To have an extraneous related thought after posting an entry, and reversing the order of your entries so the more important thought appears at the top of the page.