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"I did naughty things. There was a time, I was in my thirties, when I wanted to see an X-rated movie, OK? I bought a blond wig, and I got into the movie. It was boring."

Confessions of Annette Funicello


An Oscar story I hadn't heard...
Stan Berman, a cabdriver from Brooklyn...made his way past dozens of security guards, walked up to the stage and announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm the World's Greatest Gatecrasher, and I just came here to present Bob Hope with his 1938 trophy."


Attention! Attention! A swarm of killer bees is....

Oh, wait. It's just Dan-o-Rama. The site offers "Diva-Vision" remixes -- home-grown music videos honoring women like Cher and Ann-Margret.

Ann-Margret liked his re-mix so much, she linked it from her official site.