It's..... The happiest blog on earth


I've been enjoying the nightlife site Prophet's Place. Among other things it claims responsibility for the end of casino wagering on FOX's celebrity boxing events -- saying they'd obtained the results of the taped events in advance and then pounded book-makers with bets on the winners.

The site's daily journal now suggests the concept be revived with stakes that are more meaningful, like "LOSER LEAVE SHOWBIZ: Carrot Top vs. Jared from Subway."

But the journal also contains an intriguing collection of pop culture flotsam. There's a righteous riff about why Eminem is not Elvis, plus a link to "Platinum Stages," where you can buy your very own stripper pole for the living room. ("Same Day Shipping On All Orders...")

The main page also discusses "Poker legends" like Stu Ungar,
and features the Sinatra Song of the Week.