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Jerry Seinfeld stars in a new children's book called "Halloween." Or at least, appears in its lavish illustrations.

Seinfeld also wrote the whole thing -- though it looks like it was based on one of the monologues from his Broadway show. There's even a CD of that monologue included with the book. (Young Jerry thinks: "I'll wear anything I have to wear... to get the candy from those fools who are so stupidly giving it away!")


In one Seinfeld episode, Elaine developed a crush on Vincent, the unseen video store employee with such moving taste in films. Ultimately she betrays him by renting a "Gene" pick -- Weekend at Bernie's II.

"This is so stupid!" Elaine yells at the screen. "Bernie is dead!! Just because you put a hat on him isn't going to make him less dead!"

Which segues nicely to the next item...


The Donnas are an all-girl band of hip alterna-rockers. They've apparently developed a zen-like obsession with the movie Weekend at Bernies II.
"We got obsessed because it's so bad... We can't figure out who paid for this movie and why, so we bought it and we bring it on tour.

It's a good way to clear out the bus if we have hangers-on and we want them to go."

During their concerts, the group even used to announce to the audience that their friend Bernie Lomax had died. "We stopped doing it because people didn't get it."


Action star Jackie Chan filmed American comedies like Rush Hour and The Tuxedo. But when interviewed about Tuxedo he tells reporters, "I hate the movie."

Er, so what about Rush Hour II? "I hated it...."